Where are services available?

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link is widely available throughout the Tri-State in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  We will
be anywhere homeowners are looking for quality service.

What does the service cost?

Full priced annual memberships to have access to unlimited referrals and the many discounts and special offers is $29.99 per year.  That's as little as 8 cents
per day for the safety and security of knowing that trustworthy, reliable contractors will be taking care of your home needs. Corporate rates and discounts are
also available. You may be eligible for the service through your employee benefits program. Visit our corporate membership rates page to see if your employer
currently provides our membership service to their employees.

How do I request help?

Very simple, submit a Service Request Form online or contact us 513.271.1888.

What happens after I submit a request?

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link immediately goes into action selecting the best providers for your requests. You can expect to receive a
call from the contractor/service provider within 24-hours of submitting your request during the normal work week (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to set up an
appointment for providing an estimate and/or having the work completed. Expect to deal with professional people that will treat your home as if it were their
own. Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link will check back with you usually via email to make sure things are moving along satisfactorily and to
solicit any feedback upon completion of the work. You can respond when it is convenient for you and not be bothered with phone messages unless you tell us
to contact you by telephone. You can also contact us at anytime if you have any questions and cannot reach your service provider.

What makes Home Services Link any different than the dozens of other referral services?

The key difference between Dream Pro CONNECT formelry Home Services Link and the others is the personal touch and attention to customer service. Home
Services Link does much more than just provide leads to contractors and service providers. In addition to the thorough screening process, Home Services
Link follows up with the client to make sure they have been contacted as expected and that their needs are being met. On larger projects, we may follow-up
several times and we will be here to answer your questions and help out if needed. There are not many other referral services that go to the lengths we do to
make sure that your needs are met.

Why would I want to use this service?

Using this service keeps you from having to maintain a long list of contractors and service providers along with their contact information. When you need
service, we will tackle it for you with one call or email. Dream pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link will also make sure the work performance is
continuously up to our standards. You would also use our services if you would rather spend your time on things you enjoy like family, friends and sports. With
our service, you know that you can make a call at anytime for emergency services and feel confident your problem will be addressed. We are here to make
taking care of your home easier and less stressful. If that is not enough, Dream Pro CONNECT formelry Home Services Link will maintain a history of the work
performed on your home should you need a record or want to demonstrate when you are selling that the property has been properly maintained.

Other than the ease of getting things done, you might also use our service if you lack the skills, ability or time to perform home repairs, maintenance or
improvements. Doing the job right the first times is usually less expensive than having to fix someone else's attempt at a repair along with the damage that
may have been caused.

Can I request more than one estimate for a project?

You most certainly can request more than one estimate for your projects. It is important to recognize if you are getting any value from more than one estimate. If
you want multiple bids, you should have a clear understanding of the scope of your project so that the estimates you receive are reasonably close to providing
the same scope and specifications. Many times the differences in estimates from quality providers are driven by the materials they use and specific work
practices. Getting three estimates just to have three doesn't tell you much and certainly selecting purely on price is not recommended. Understand who is
doing your work and how they are doing it before deciding on a contractor.

Are there other benefits of using the service?

Other than more time for you to enjoy your family and other interests with Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link taking care of finding your
contractors and service providers, you will have access to newsletters with tips and advice on taking care of your home along with new products and services
we have come across that we think could be of benefit to you. We also from time to time offer special savings and programs to our clients. These change, so
check back often!

Will you help me if there are problems?

We are here to make sure your needs are being addressed. We don't get calls very often about a problem, but when we do, we get all parties involved to
quickly address whatever the issue might be.
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